Artist’s Statement

First time that I encounterd the world of water color was about 30 years ago, the time I moved to Oregon in 1980`s. I was deeply moved by its purity of colors and expression of lights and shadows. I used to paint oil, a popular mediumin Japan, but I always felt something different about opaqe and heavy paint.
I wanted to catch in a blink a moment of changing light, express passion of a living being, and make feel people the breeze. Watercolor is the best medium for wishes. .
Today, I enjoy painting beautiful sceneries in Oregon and in many foreign countries. I also teach many students, and every year do a one-man-show in Japan.
I desire to contribute to spreading the world of watercolor in Japan.

Juried Exhibitions(*Awards)

1994 North East Watercolor Society Exhibition(New York)
1994 Art of the Northeast USA Exhibition
1994 *Chiba Ohara Watercolor Exhibition(Japan) Award of Encouragement
1995 Kanagawa ken Exhibition(Japan)
1995 * Modern/Creative Art Association Exhibition(Japan)/ Award of Newcomer
1996 * Ichiyo Association Exhibition(Japan) /Award of Encouragement
1997 Watercolor Society of Oregon Exhibition
1997 * Ichiyo Association Exhibition(Japan)/ Award of Encouragement
1998 * Watercolor Society of Oregon Exhibition/ Juries' Choice 2nd Place, People's choice 1st Place
1998 Ichiyo Association Exhibition(Japan) /every year until 2007
2001 North West Watercolor Society Exhibition
2003 *California Watercolor Association Exhibition / 2nd Place
2008 *National Watercolor Society Exhibition / Merchandise Award
2010 American Watercolor Society Exhibition / 7nd Place
2013 American Watercolor Society Exhibition
2014 Become signature member of American Watercolor Society
2016 American Watercolor Society Exhibition 2019 American Watercolor Society Exhibition

Signature Membership

American Watercolor Society(2014)
National Watercolor Society(2008)
Nothwest Watercolor Society(2001)
California Watercolor Association(2003)
Watercolor Society of Oregon(1998)


“Collection of Toshiko Ukon’s watercolor paintings”
Issued by Kisaragi Shuppan (2014)

“Wet in wet ~ Watrcolor to make use of the bleeding~”
issued by Graphic Company (2013)

“Transparent watercolor paintings and techniques”
issued by Graphic Company (2010)

“Wet in wet ~basic techniques of watercolor painting~”
issued by Graphic Company (2009)

“Gem of Watercolor Painting ~ Color Scheme of Professional Artist; Toshiko Ukon~”
issued by Watercolor Technique Institute (2005)